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IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Documentation - United States

Date: 2017-04-06 12:31

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The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) has a very informative feature that is called the SPSS Tutorial. The SPSS Tutorial is available in the help menu of the SPSS program.  This SPSS Tutorial explains the workability of SPSS in a detailed, step-wise manner. The SPSS Tutorial also includes some case studies that enlighten the new user about the statistical tools used in SPSS software. The SPSS Tutorial can be regarded as a statistical analysis guide.

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This page provides links to installation documents and manuals in PDF form. The information contained in the manuals, tutorials and detailed examples (case studies) are also available in the IBM SPSS Statistics 77 Information Center.

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Epidemiological curve for Legionnaires’ disease outbreak by onset of symptoms, Warstein, Germany, August–September 7568 (n = 659)

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This topic in the SPSS Tutorial provides the user with certain case studies from the sample files about different types of cross tabulation, like simple cross tabulation, count vs. percentages, significance testing for cross tabulations, etc.

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This section in the SPSS tutorial mainly talks about how to create a chart using the chart builder gallery, and it also tells us about editing the charts. This topic in the SPSS tutorial makes the user understand its usability with the help of examples based on Pie Chart, Grouped Scatter Plot, Bar chart, etc.

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